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Dining in a Pandemic: Kyma Seafood Grill

Welcome to my first Restaurant Review under the series “Dining in a Pandemic.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I’d probably (gladly?) go broke on fantastic food and phenomenal dining service. I thought it was only natural to incorporate this into my blog’s Lifestyle sector, seeing that I sincerely consider this a lifestyle and not a hobby.

After consistent lockdowns at home like an animal in a cage, I was elated to learn that local restaurants were now allowed to conduct outdoor dining. This came in time for Autumn’s introduction and my content creation window.

Wild with excitement, I threw on a leopard dress, with a pair of leopard #StickyMouth heels, with my favorite red lippie, and turned my meeting into a dinner meeting. ? Can you tell I only needed a reason to dress up? Anyway, let’s get into it.



First Impressions are lasting, and Kyma had me at Jalapeño Mashed Potatoes. ? Before rushing to the meat of things, (*slaps knee*), let’s talk about the ambiance and setting. My initial contact with the staff was pleasant and warm. We were directed to sanitize and check our body temperature. Outdoor dining was very quaint and intimate, which reminded me of dinner in Paris. Definitely looking forward to indoor dining to give a better account of decor, theme, and feeling. 


Kyma has a very extensive menu, which can be a good and bad thing. Good thing because who doesn’t love options; this is especially good when accommodating huge parties, but it can be painful for a person like me who wants to try everything!! Seriously, take your time and peruse the menu to decide on what you’d like to try…. this time. If its a dinner date for two, or a celebratory event, I guarantee it’s easy to get lost in the world of Greek and Latin infused cuisine. Choose between an array of seafood, meats, salads, and spreads. Remember to take your time and choose the meals most appetizing to you.


I initially made a reservation on Open Table and called back shortly after to change the time. The gentleman who answered the phone assisted with delight. Tromon, our waiter, was fast, efficient, patient, and knowledgeable on menu items. Once seated, we were presented with the menu and asked our water preference. Our drink and appetizer orders were taken and brought out between 10 and 15 minutes. We finally decided on entrees options delivered approximately 30 minutes later (considering that we were working on our appetizers and conversing). The dessert came another 30 minutes later (specialty item which a disclaimer was given for).


Kyma has typical market-priced dishes. You can get a basic pita bread from $4.00 or chicken souvlaki (a personal fave) for $6.00. At the same time, the Ribeye can run you into $58.00 and a glass of Josh North Coast Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon USA for $74.00, before VAT. It’s safe to say you can enjoy yourself at Kyma if you’re frugal or imprudent (like me??‍♀️).




Gin, aperol, pineapple, lemon, ginger beer

This drink was exactly what I expected based on its ingredients. I’m not too fond of gin, but I love pineapple and ginger beer, so it was worth trying.  



Yellowtail salsa macha style, feta, nuts, and mixed chips

Hamachi is Japanese amberjack or yellowtail. It is native to the northwest Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Hawaii, much appreciated in Japan. This ceviche was epic, unlike the typical ceviche of Latin America or the Caribbean. I hate nuts but tried the order due to my curiosity for “macha” styled salsa and my love for feta cheese. It came with corn chips, but not any ordinary corn chips. These corn chips were fresh, warm, and not overly saturated with oil. I do wish the ceviche had more fish. The fish appeared to be somewhat minced or ground, where I would prefer chunks.



Pan-seared with Jalapeño mash

Sooooooo, I didn’t get a photo of my entree (love food bad), but some visual is better than none. I actually give this dish a 10/10 and consider this an #EditorsPick. You have the option to grill or pan-sear your snapper, which rides on a bed of jalapeño mash like a glorious chariot descending from the heavens of Mashed Potato greatness. I loved how the jalapeño spices paired with velvety mash, and the citrusy sauce adorned the crispy fillet. This plate was very filling and satisfying. 



Greek Yogurt, cucumber, dill, and garlic

I LAHV tzatziki sauce, so I added this as a side with my entree. Glutton don’t care bout nothin’ ?. Everything tasted so fresh – the yogurt was creamy, the garlic was potent, the cucumber was sweet, and the pita bread was soft and warm.



Cranberry vodka, chambord lime, honey, thyme, ginger beer

This drink was my favorite. I love mules and berries, so this was a no brainer. It had the perfect combination of “sugar, spice, and everything nice” (berries, ginger, vodka. ?) 



This dessert has a special place in my heart. Crème Brûlèe or burned custard is a creamy custard-based dessert, topped with a layer of caramelized sugar. Kyma spruced up this classic treat with berries, crispy filo, and a scoop of house-made vanilla ice cream. I enjoyed this portion size, but could not finish it alone. I would recommend splitting between 2/3 people.



In summation, I give this restaurant an 8.5/10 due to COVID restrictions and being unable to truly embrace Kyma’s sense of self. I look forward to indoor dining when the competent authority allows it. I definitely recommend Kyma as a must-try if Greek or Latin cuisine is your thing. If not, be open to expanding your palette with something unconventional.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my first review! Can’t wait to see you next time! ? ? 

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