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A.B. Swaby

The more things change, the more they remain the same. This adage has always resonated with me, but even more so now than ever. Through years of growing, learning, winning, hurting, losing, and evolving, I’ve had the humbling opportunity to be so many different versions of myself. All of the facades, alter egos, and ingenuity taught me to be exactly who I want to be; MYSELF.

At some point in our interaction, you may have experienced one or all of my multiple personalities. There was #SwabyBaby – the little girl who used perfectionism, aggression, and overachievement to mask her insecurities, she was so naive and optimistic. Then evolved #AshleyBanks, the striving, egotistical, ambitious, and business-savvy young woman whose PTSD was suppressed because of her fear of being seen as weak or attention-seeking. She was so stubborn and cynical.

At a young age, I learned the importance and felt the satisfaction in making choices which were best for me. I’ve never felt more courageous, confident, uncomfortable, and confused in my entire life. An oxymoron; yes, and a thrill all in one. But through my mixed emotions bears my growth.

I would like to introduce the unfeigned, purpose-oriented version of myself.
⁃ A. B. Swaby

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